Bobcat Angus Production Sale

Bobcat Angus
17th Annual Production Sale

January 29, 2022
Western Livestock Auction | Great Falls, MT

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Welcome to Bobcat Angus

Bobcat Angus is located in northern Montana in a region known as the “Sweet Grass Hills.” We have been raising top registered Angus cattle for about 25 years. We run in an area with pretty harsh weather conditions, and like we tell a lot of folks – if our cattle can survive and thrive in our area then they can thrive anywhere!

We currently run 600 registered Angus mother-cows at Bobcat Angus. One half of these calve in the Spring and the other half in the Fall.

We also maintain a commercial cowherd of 1000 head and merchandise our steer calves through Northern Livestock Video.

We offer all of the bulls through our production sale each January and sell bull calves, fall yearling and coming-two-year old bulls. Along with this we sell 450 to 500 commercial bred heifers and cows in the sale each year.

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Bobcat Angus

Bryan & Cathy Ratzburg
265 Bobcat Angus Loop
Galata, MT 59444
Phone: (406) 937-5858

Ernie & Jayne Ratzburg
Phone: (406) 788-3244

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